Property Management Program

This program is designed to let the investor focus on investing and day-to-day life and leave the rental to a professional management company.

Our Property management Program is a full-service program. It includes finding potential tenants, showing your property, screening and approving the appropriate tenants, moving in the approved tenants, collecting monthly rents, and upon lease expiry either renewing the lease or completing a move-out of the tenants.

Financial Services

A fully computerized state-of-the-art Property Management program is used. We will e-mail you monthly statements and copies of invoices are available on request. All your deposits will be in your accounts by the 15th of the month.

Tenant Screening

Our screening process is the same for all tenants. We complete employment verification, confirm the quality of tenancy with the last two landlords, and do a two-interview process. If they pass our screening they are then able to provide a security deposit of half a month’s rent to be deposited and held in our trust account.

Our Policies

Our standard policy is NO pets and NO smoking, but each owner has the ability to accept or decline pets or smoking.

We handle all communication with the tenants and our landlords have the right to complete privacy if desired.

Our Rates

Our rates start at 10% of gross collected rent. Gross collected rent is the rent that we have physically in the bank. We do not get paid unless we collect rent and there is no charge for vacant units.

Our rates are discounted for multiple properties of 5 or more and complete apartment buildings. Ask about our rental pool program.

Most extra costs that other companies charge are included in our fee, such as online advertising, office expenses, and bank fees. The costs related to print advertising, tenant removal (arbitration), and repair and maintenance of the unit are the responsibility of the owner. We do not charge an administration fee on the invoices we pay on your behalf (strata fees).

For more information on our property management services, contact Scott Reed.

Email: scott@shepherdmr.ca
Office: 778-225-0800